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DTM丂Original free music丂丂丂Japanese

The file format is mp3.

Click a music name, the media player which you are using can open and try listening.If you cannot do, please relate by setup of your PC. Download is right-click music name, and open a "property" and  save the file.

One music is about two minutes.(There are slightly long one or short one.) Please freely process music by cutting putting and fade-out.

Because I recorded these at slightly bigger volume , when you use it, do lower the volume, and set it for your use.

In addition, sound may break by the speaker of a notebook PC.

When using it, it is not necessary to notify me, but the author will be glad if it told.
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I write sheet of music by a PC in Japan for hobby. They are written by software SSW9. My sound source is 88ST-Pro.


I am a person of level that I got people to buy my music a little to some opportunity, and of course I am not a composer.

My original job is the cartoonist but I have lost job for years. (^^)

 丒This site

Apart from that good result or failure,I made music more than 100 pieces until now.I had ambition to provide them to other people as free music material,The reason that I made this site is it.


 丒about music in here丒

The music uploaded here is original music that I made for BGM, it's length around two minutes.

Already there are about 90 music of the length of about three minutes  which plan to put vocal. (words are also already made) -- but there is no singer.
(- -)I do not upload these music because I think these are not fit for BGM.


丒Attention for use丒

Download the music here freely and use it for BGM etc please.
Of course, it is free.

However, please display an offer site name "hermitage丂Ikuta" and a music title on somewhere in the case of use because I do not abandon this copyright.I don't care it may be small.(^^)

And should not inline linking.

 there is still little number of music  here. I want to increase it at any time from now on.











BGM of universeMusic which imagined the nebula picture of the Hubble space telescope.



Space of cosmic background radiation

Last rainbow - Ring nebula M57

Eye of the time - Sandglass nebula MyCn18

 The beating cloud-Crab nebula M1 NGC1952


Slowly waltz which imagined the mysterious whole universe.

It expresses beauty of the end of the star by quiet harp and synthesizer.

The uncanny but grand young nebula is expressed by chorus sound.

 The beating pulsar is beep sound. The complicated net of stars are bassoon.


BGM of flowers乛 Music reflecting the image of a flower. I want to increase new songs more.

Theme of poppy

Theme of cherry blossom

Theme of clover

Theme of rose

Theme of sunflower

Pop and lovely music using an ocarina tone.

Music of the image which petals flutter down.Subjects are piano and flute.

Music which imagined the spring pasture. Rhythmical synthesizer sound.

Graceful music of the Gothic tone by  violin and a piano.

Bossa nova of the southern country style which include steel drum.


Theme of silk tree's flower

Theme of hydrangea

Theme of lily

Theme of cosmos


Healing music of a little sleepy feeling. guitar and vibraphone.

The image of a walk of a rainy day.Harmonica and the sound of raindrops by harp.

The music of the clean and solitary image by clarinet of the high-pitched tone.

Oboe expresses the image of the flowers in their full glory which shakes in a wind.


BGM for magic乛These ware made for BGM of an acquaintance's magic.


The magic handkerchief

Gold Chain

The cowboy who is in love

 Cards Dance

 Bike Ride

It expressed mystery as the combination of lovely piccolo and low overdrive guitar.

It is the image of jingling gold chain by metallic feeling of harpsichord sound.

The image which runs in a prairie.Free and easy sound of trumpet and horn express spatiality.

 The image of a walk of the country of cards of "Alice's Adventure in Wonderland." A piccolo and a rhythmical harpsichord.

 The image to run at full speed on motorbike. It expressed the wind by trumpet, and smooth motor sound by the base sound of organ.

Your parasol

It is a image of a mysterious parasol that a girl turning round and round.Vibraphone and chorus. Length is about 3 minutes.

Tropical Market

It represent a image of the fun and noisy tropical market,by steel drums, marimba, and brass. Length is about 3 minutes.

Dangerous zone

This was made to show a sense of impending crisis.Orchestration of standard trumpet and string.

The road of flower cart

This is an image of the flower carts going the rough field path. By a reed tone and an accordion, there is the atmosphere of some festivals.

Other BGM乮free genre乯乛BGM made for the movie which I edited.

 Daybreak Prologue

Deus ex machina

The wind in forest

The town of Maze

Memory of the rippled lake

Music of the daybreak.The melody of the monotonous music box becomes classic gradually.

Music of the occidental folk song style. A mournful guitar and a flute. (Photograph is Yokosuka)

The chorus of the man-and-woman tone is overlaps and audible.The image of the wind which blows through woods.

The image of an incident and a noisy street corner.Jazz of the Saxe main.(Photograph is Umihotru)

Harp and violin.The image of the surface of a lake which ripples and the reviving recollections.(A photograph is Byobugaura)


Electric Play

Good-bye after the rain

Echo of mountains

Any Many Problem


The image of electronic sound BGM of pleasant and light game which is old. (Pphotograph is an electrical appliance store)

The image of a walk in a refreshing street corner after the rain by the tone of a whistle. (Photograph is teddy bears)

The image of the vast mountains by  synthesizer and horn. (Photograph is a ordinary hill)

The image of the theme of a detective fiction. A cool brasses session.(Photograph is Japan metropolitan expressway)


BGM for repeatShort music for the game that I made.It is able to pass endlessly with repeat.



The chair





Uncanny and jocular music of contrabass.It was the theme of the escape game "Chair escape."

 Beautiful and painful music by tone of music box..It was the theme of the escape game "Waiting room."

 A mysterious chorus. It was the theme of the escape game "Clocks escape."

 Funny music by mute trumpet.It was the theme of the game "Through the Manchion" I made in the old days.